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The Organic Reactions Catalysis Society cordially invites you to our 28th biennial meeting, to be held at the One Ocean Resort and Spa in Jacksonville, Florida, March 29 – April 2, 2020.

Register Here – Early Bird Ends January 31, 2020

Book Hotel – Early Bird Ends January 31, 2020

Preliminary Agenda and Podium Presentation Program

Preliminary Poster Presentation Program

Awards for the 28th Biennial Conference Announced

2020 Paul N. Rylander Award Sponsored by BASF

The Organic Reaction Catalysis Society is pleased to announce Dr. Paul J. Chirik, Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University, as the recipient of the 2020 Paul N. Rylander Award for his significant contributions to the use of catalysis in organic reactions.

A native of Philadelphia, Dr. Chirik earned his BS degree at Virginia Tech and PhD at Caltech. He leads a multidisciplinary research group focused on homogeneous catalysis for more sustainable chemistry. Specific emphasis is on the application of Earth abundant rather than precious metals in catalysis and carbon-free methods for the synthesis and oxidation of ammonia. Dr. Chirik is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Organometallics.

This Award is administered by ORCS and generously funded by BASF.

2020 Murray Raney Award Sponsored by W.R. Grace and Co.

The Organic Reaction Catalysis Society is pleased to announce Dr. Jerry Spivey, James McLaurin Shivers Professor at Louisiana State University, as the recipient of the 2020 Murray Raney Award for his significant contributions to advance the development and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts  for applications such as environmental catalysis and synthesis of chemical intermediates from simple carbon feedstocks such as methane.

Dr. Spivey received his BS and MS degrees from NC State University and his PhD from LSU in 1980. He worked at Albemarle (Baton Rouge) from 1974-1980, carrying out his PhD requirements and meeting the PhD residence requirement in 1978. He was Director of Process Research at RTI (1980-2000), joining the NC State faculty in 2000 and then LSU in 2003. He served as Director of LSU’s Center for Atomic-level Catalyst Design 2009-2015, a multi-organization dedicated to advancing both computational and experimental heterogeneous catalysts. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Cambridge, UK), named a Fellow in 2007, and is Editor-in-Chief of Catalysis Today (Elsevier).

This Award is administered by ORCS and generously funded by Grace Catalysts Technologies.

2020 Robert Augustine Award Sponsored by ORCS

The Organic Reaction Catalysis Society is pleased to announce Dr. Alison Narayan, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan as the recipient of the 2020 Robert Augustine Award for her significant early career contributions enzymatic catalysis.

Dr. Narayan’s main research interest is identifying enzymes from secondary metabolite pathways with potential synthetic utility and developing methods based on these biocatalysts to enable access to biologically active target molecules.

Dr. Narayan holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. She completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry at the University of Michigan, where she later returned as a postdoctoral research fellow in the lab of David Sherman.

She started as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Life Sciences Institute at Michigan in 2015. Since this time Alison and her research group have been recognized as a part of C&ENs Talented 12, an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, a Cottrell Scholar and as the inaugural recipient of the Life Sciences Institute Outreach award.

2019 Robert Augustine Award Sponsored by ORCS

The Organic Reaction Catalysis Society is pleased to announce Dr. Nick Brunelli, HC Slip Slider Professorship of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the Ohio State University, as the recipient of the 2019 Robert Augustine Award for his significant early-career contributions to heterogeneous catalysis of organic reactions.

The work of Professor Brunelli is at the interface of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. His research group investigates how to tune the molecular design of heterogeneous catalytic materials such as zeolites and mesoporous silicas to achieve highly selective and active catalysts for the conversion of biomass and the production of fine chemicals.

2020 Malz Award Sponsored by ORCS

Coming Soon.

Golf Outing

Queen's Harbour Yacht & Country Club

The ORCS Organizing Committee invites you to participate in a networking golf tournament at the Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday, March 29, 2020. We have reserved 4 tee times (16 players total) starting at 9:00 am.  Typical high temperatures are in the mid-70 deg F during that time of year in Jacksonville.

The golf course is approximately 6 miles from the One Ocean Resort and Spa and a 15 minute drive.  The green fee is about $75 per person, which includes range balls.  A limited number of rental clubs and transportation to/from the course are available for an additional fee. The round should take approximately 4.5 hours; we plan to be back at the One Ocean Resort by 3:00 pm, well in time to attend the opening conference reception scheduled for 5:00 PM.

Interested in attending the 2020 ORCS Golf Outing?  Email our 2020 Conference Chair Girish Srinivas directly at before February 10, 2020 and indicate if you will need transportation and golf club rentals.

Conference Details

Important Dates

  • Conference Registration NOW OPEN
  • Conference Dates: March 29 – April 2, 2020

Registration Fees

Early bird registration ends January 31, 2020. All rates include coffee breaks, cocktail receptions, and awards banquet:

Early Bird Registration: $650

Standard Registration:$750

Student/Post-Doc Early Bird Registration: $200

Student/Post-Doc Standard Registration: $250

Retiree: $225

Exhibitor: $1350 (includes a Standard Registration fee)

Additional Staff for Exhibitor (no access to technical presentations): $300

Exhibitor Information and Registration

Conference Flyer

Conference Topics

  • Biomass and Waste Carbon Conversion
  • Electrocatalysis and Photocatalysis
  • Polymers for Medical Applications
  • Specialty Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Sustainable and Green Chemistry
  • Advances in Base Metal Catalysis
  • Characterization, Mechanistic and Deactivation Pathways

Conference Travel