2020 Conference

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2020 - The 28th Biennial Meeting

The Organic Reactions Catalysis Society cordially invites you to our 28th biennial meeting, to be held at the One Ocean Resort and Spa in Jacksonville, FL.

March 29- April 2, 2020

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The ORCS Mission

The Organic Reactions Catalysis Society seeks to advance practical applications
of catalysis for making organic compounds by fostering discussions, providing
opportunities for members to present their work, and facilitating dissemination
of scientific knowledge.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

For more information or to become a sponsor/exhibitor, please contact sponsorship@orcs.org.

Our Awards

At the biennial conference, the Paul N. Rylander award, established by ORCS in 1988, and the Murray Raney award, established by ORCS in 1992 and sponsored by Grace Davison, are presented to scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the field of catalysis as it applies to organic synthesis. The Russell Malz Award, also sponsored by ORCS is given to an individual for exceptional services to the Society.

The Robert Augustine Award

The Robert Augustine Award of the Organic Reactions Catalysis Society (ORCS) was initiated by ORCS in 2017 to recognize younger engineers and scientists.  It is named after Robert Augustine, who has been a contributing member of ORCS since 1966, now over 52 years.  The prize is endowed with $2000  and up to $1500 in reasonable travel expenses and may be awarded annually at the biennial conference, although there is no specified duration.

The Russell Malz Award

The Russell Malz Award is sponsored by the Society and may be made to an individual who has given exceptional service to the Society. The award is made at the discretion of the Chairman and consists of an honorarium up to $1000, an appropriate plaque, and up to $500 in reasonable travel expenses. The initial Malz ward was given to Russell Malz Jr. in 2002.

The Murray Raney Award

In 1992 the Organic Reactions Catalysis Society (ORCS) created the Murray Raney Award “for contributions in the use of base metal catalysts in organic synthesis”.  The award is named for Mr. Raney, who invented sponge metal catalysts, and is endowed with a $5000 honorarium and up to $2000 in travel.  The award is given out every two years at the annual ORCS conference.

The Paul N. Rylander Award

The Paul N. Rylander Award of the Organic Reactions Catalysis Society (ORCS) has been awarded a prize for Catalysis in Organic Chemistry since 1988.  It is named after Paul N. Rylander , who was also the first prize-winner, and was an early advocate for sharing best practices in hydrogenation safety and technology.  The award is endowed with a $5000 honorarium and up to $2000 in reasonable travel expenses.  The award is given out every two years at the biennial ORCS conference.

Past Award Winners

The Organic Reactions Catalysis Society (ORCS) honors award winners at its Biennial Conferences.

2016 Dr. Anil S. Guram Dr. Jens Nørskov Dr. Gerard V. Smith
2015 Dr. Joseph R. Zoeller
2014 James White C. Martin Lok Alan Allgeier
2013 Johannes de Vries
2012 Melanie S. Sanford Michael Prunier
2011 Thomas A. Puckette
2010 Matthias Beller Steve Schmidt Robert Augustine
2009 Hans-Ulrich Blaser
2008 John F. Hartwig Daniel J. Ostgard Michael Ford
2007 Brian R. James
2006 Gadi Rothenberg Isamu Yamauchi Frank Herkes
2005 Jean-Marie Basset
2004 Richard C. Larock Jean Lessard Victor Mylroie
2003 Donna G. Blackmond
2002 Jerry R. Ebner Akira Tai Russell Malz Jr.
2001 Francis J. Waller
2000 K. Barry Sharpless Jozsef Petró
1999 Thomas A. Johnson
1998 John F. Knifton Anatoly Fasman
1997 Roger A. Sheldon
1996 William S. Knowles Mark Wainwright
1995 Gerard V. Smith
1994 William M. Pearlman Pierre Fouilloux
1993 John R. Kosak
1992 Harold V. Greenfield Stewart Montgomery
1990 Robert L. Augustine
1988 Paul N. Rylander

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OUR Board Members

Our board members come from diverse backgrounds and industries. All share a passion for advancing research in catalysis and recognize it¹s importance in practical chemistry applications. Members are elected to serve a two year term. If you are interested in submitting an application to become a board member, please email info@orcs.org.

Girish Srinivas

Girish Srinivas

Janette Villalobos

Janette Villalobos

Chair Elect
Charles Orella

Charles Orella

Past Chair
Asanga Padmaperuma

Asanga Padmaperuma